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Since 2018, reports and photos from Commemorative Services, Social Guild and School-related events are being placed on the St Marys RSL sub-Branch Facebook – see HERE

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The RSL Sub-Branch meets at 1830 hrs on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, so why not make it a date and come along and meet us at the friendly club - all RSL Sub-Branch members welcome.


 ANZAC Centenary Concert - Friday 19th June 2015

Around 150 enjoyed the dinner and concert put on at St Marys RSL Club by the Sub-Branch as a commemorative event for the Centenary of ANZAC. The guest band, Simply Bushed played an outstanding arrangement of Australiana tunes and conducted some very brief but successful tuitions on Bush Dancing for those game enough to try. The Castlereagh School of Performing Arts group also performed a fantastic ANZAC Tribute with a broad arrange of acts and traditional WW2-era tunes.

 Southern Highlands Tour, April 2015

On an overcast Saturday morning on 11th April, forty members and partners gathered for a coach tour to the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Our coach departed on time at 0700 and away we went for our first destination, Mittagong, where morning tea was taken.

We then proceeded to Bundanoon, arriving at 0915. WE were there for the annual Brigadoon Highland Festival. After some confusion about parking of the coach, we were directed to park with the other coaches outside the park on the roadway.

This turned out to be a positive as we were in a good position to watch the parade of Scottish Pipe and Drum Bands, and clan tartans, before we went into the park.

Once inside the park members were free to roam and watch the events on show. This included the massed bands march, Highland dance and games. The Highland Games were essentially a display of strength by some very big men.

Our sub-Branch support Bundanoon RSL sub-Branch, whose premises are located within the park. Members of Bundanoon invited us to luncheon, where their president Robert Williams presented our president Ron Kelly with a limited edition leadlight representation of a Flanders Poppy & mirror. Mr. Williams expressed Bundanoon's gratitude for the support given, and Ron responded with positive comments regarding the way the resources have been used.

At the conclusion of the Games, members boarded the coach and we travelled to Bundanoon, where we were accommodated at the Berida Manor, a very nice place.

A very good three course dinner was the fare for the evening, taken in a very convivial atmosphere. Following dinner members retired early after a very big day.

A hearty breakfast on Sunday morning was had, and it was needed. The day began with a visit to Fitzroy Falls, with morning tea there.

A short trip back to Bowral, where members made a beeline for the local confectionary shop, and the newsagent.

Then the coach proceeded to the ghost town of Joadja. Lunch was taken before a very interesting tour of the ruins of the former shale oil works, and the old whisky distillery. Our guide presented a very good commentary on all aspects of what went on in Joadja's heyday.

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 Berowra Waters Social Trip July 2014

On a most pleasant Tuesday (8th July), the Sub-Branch Social Guild organised the sun to shine for a terrific coach trip via Cumberland Forrest (for morning tea) to the Waterview Restaurant at Berowra Waters for Christmas-in-July. The 'Christmas Dinner' was superb along with entertainment from the very talented Joey Fimmano. The restaurant sits right over the water adjacent to the ferry and the 37 who came along, all enjoyed the day thanks to the good organising by our Social Guild Co-Ordinator, Russ Bosario. During the dinner, Joey invited Bob, Leslie and Michelle to show off a few steps of Scottish dancing (see photos below).

 Hunter Weekend September 2013

At 0700hrs on Saturday September 28th a total of 42 members, partners and friends departed the club on a Compass Tours coach for a two day tour to the Hunter Valley and return. After a leisurely trip which included morning tea the tour arrived at the first place of interest, and the start of an interesting and entertaining day.

The Hunter Valley Cheese Factory laid on a variety of their product for us to sample, and then browse in the shop. Being next door to McGuigans Winery, some also sampled and purchased there.

Next we were transported to the Ernest Hill Winery. Here we were given a presentation on the appreciation and actual drinking of wines. Once again we had the opportunity to browse and sample the product.

Onto the coach again, this time to go to the Hunter Valley Gardens. Here we were given a very nice 2 course luncheon. After eating, those that wished to boarded the gardens "train" and took a tour of the main features of the gardens. A very good 40 minute tour took us to all the features.

The last visit for the day was to Peterson's Champagne and Chocolate Factory, where once again we sampled and bought. Some chocolate did not get to the motel.

Our accommodation at the Wine Country Motor Inn was excellent. Spacious rooms and very good facilities made for a comfortable stay. The breakfast that was laid on the following morning capped off a very good stay.

Dinner on Saturday night was included in the tour, which was put on in a reserved room at the Cessnock Leagues Club. A very nice 2 course dinner was provided for the group. Following dinner, most stayed at the club to watch the rugby league finals match.

Sunday morning, and the first port of call was the new Australian Army Infantry Museum at Singleton. An extremely good display of our infantry history through the ages took our interest. Coincidentally, in the Vietnam War Tet Offensive display, there is a photograph of a Helicopter borne infantry insertion on a location known as the Plain of Reeds. Featured in the photograph, is our very own sub-branch president Ron Kelly, depicted gathering his section of troops together.

Another feature display is a "Huey" helicopter, which brought back memories of boarding and dismounting for Terry Burn. Very interesting.

Finally on the museum, we can't let pass the fact that big Geoff assisted in his passion for selling raffle tickets. This time to assist the Legacy campaign.

On to McWilliams Pleasant Hills Estate Winery for the final feature of the tour. Here we were given a tour of the winery, where we learnt the processes from the vine to the vat. The guide was very entertaining and informative.

Following the winery tour, we were sat down to a sumptuous 2 course luncheon. Then a chance to make last purchases before boarding the coach for home.

A leisurely, and sleepy trip back down the freeway to our club, where the tour concluded at 1630 hrs. A very happy group of travellers then made their way home.

We were treated to a very good experience, not least due to our driver, Barry.

Congratulations also to our sub-branch social guild director, Russ Boserio. Plenty of the group said that they would do the same type of tour in the future.



 Mudgee Weekend - 23rd/24th July 2011

At 0700 hours on a cold and very overcast morning 34 persons mustered at the RSL all rugged up for their journey to the wineries of the Mudgee region. Prior to leaving on our long trek a number of the female species had to attend the little girl's toilet. Jeff with his kind heart drew the key to the Youth Club to let the females in distress use the toilets but forgot to turn the lights on. Unbeknown to one of the females, Ms L attempted to use the toilet at the same time as another; one can only imagine the fright both must had felt in the dark. We commenced our journey shortly after.

During our drive to Kandos we stopped at Point Piper Power station and had a look through the museum. Once again we were on our way to Kandos to have lunch at the Golf Club, roast pork, potatoes and veg followed by desert. After lunch we proceeded to Leu Pottery where we were given a very broad demonstration of making clay from scratch and then using the wheels to make clay products. Of course Ms L had to try the toilet at these premises; the only thing wrong the toilet was a hole in the ground within a room. Inside the gallery Ms N could not help herself and was caught stroking a piece of clay; this was also photographed by our resident camera man Tony Fryer.

Later that day we attended the Pieter Van Gent Winery on our way to our Hotel. Many a sample of wine was drunk. After arriving at the Hotel we had a short rest and attended a Xmas in July function. A very fine meal was had by all. Gary Ayers had the woman mesmerised with his skill of making various objects with a serviette. Many of the women benefited from his teachings.

After a good nights sleep with temps around 1 degree all members had a great breaky. It was found out later that a certain person was seen leaving another person or person's room in his Pjs during the early hours of the morning. Later we attended the Mudgee honey haven where various samples of Mead and honey were tasted. While there, ears were pricked at a familiar sound in the far distance - a Huey. We persuaded our driver to give chase and, after letting some off to wander the arts and crafts at the lunch venue, the rest of us finally caught up with a very surprised helicopter pilot, Sean, at Commercial helicopters (, who proceeded to show us his three Hueys - sadly, no passengers permitted - but he came good with a low and deliberate fly-over during our lunch. Lunch was held at the Furlongs Winery where a beautiful spit lunch was provided. Many a sample of wine was also tasted. Our last stop was at the Peter Stein Winery before heading home.

We departed Mudgee around 2.30pm and arrived at the club around 6.45pm. I believed all who attended the weekend had a fabulous time. Once again, thank you to all of those supporters of the Social Club.

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Chairperson of Social Guild.

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 Penrith Paceway - 2nd June 2011

Well what another great night at the Penrith Paceway, ten races, great food and company. I have never had such a nervious week leading up to the paceway night. It only dawned on me on Monday that, rain, dirt track, horses and buggies are not a great mix. I had rung the paceway daily to speak to Lorraine who organises the night for us to see what condition the track was in. Thank god the rain stopped Monday night.

I have never seen such a funny sight of all those people who were going through the losing tickets when a protest occurred after race 7 talk about seagulls scavenging for scraps - people left them for dead trying to find their winning ticket amongst the losing tickets (only joking people for those who take offence). There were many winners and losers on the night. All in all, I believe most people had a very enjoyable evening.

Thanks again for those who supported the event.

 3801 Trip - 3rd April 2011

As the train pulled out of Central Railway on a beautiful Sunday morning the carriage was full of excitement to what lay ahead for the rest of the day. Firstly the scenic train trip down through the National Park to Wollongong and up the mountain to Robertson Railway Station.

During this period many photos were taken of the views and of other members who attended on the day.

Once we reached Robertson we were driven by coach by Maryanne to the Illawarra Tree Top Fly. Several of the members remained behind and order some refreshments which I might add were not delivered to the members by the time some of us returned from the walk. The tower was a challenge for all who wished to climb it. There was a discrepancy of how many steps there were - 106 or 107 .... who cares, anyone who made that climb needed a pat on the back, even John Foeken made it to the top.

A short time later we were on the bus again and headed to the Robertson Pie Shop where most enjoyed a pie or two. Although I lost count to what Don Watters had consumed.

We then headed off to the Cheese Factory for a short visit prior to heading back to the Station for the return journey to Sydney. Whilst at the Cheese Factory many sampled various cheeses, purchased a gelato ice cream, cheese or other goods. At the station a group photo was taken prior to our return journey home.

Looking at the members in the carriage, a good day was had by all. I thank those members and their partners who attended our first outing for the year. Tickets will go on sale for the Penrith Paceway at the next meeting - this function will be held on Thursday 2nd June.

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Chairperson of Social Guild.

RSL Sub-Branch Contacts:
President - Ron Blakely 0411 131 849; Secretary - Tony Fryer 0414 557 692;
Welfare - Bill Peet 0425 206 245, Terry Burns 0407 834 499.
Since 2018, reports and photos from Commemorative Services, Social Guild and School-related events are being placed on the St Marys RSL sub-Branch Facebook – see HERE

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